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Fast Guitar


From Charlie Wallace

Dear Guitarist,

If you are reading this right now you are here for one reason and one reason only...

You want to shred!

Shred Guitar

You see, I have developed a program that these 'Great Guitarists' don't want you to know about because people are taking a huge short-cut using this program and it's pissing off those who did it the hard way!

What you might not understand is that every second you spend playing guitar right now is wasted time. Because you are just like 99.9% of every other guitar players in the world.

The other 0.1% are getting a leg up, using Guitar Burning Speed to increase their practice payoff, and shredding the way you want to be able to.

Don't you want this helping hand too?


"Over 1,389 Guitarists In 54 Different Countries Are Already Shredding Because Of Guitar Burning Speed...

...Isn't It Time You Joined Them?"


If by now you have any doubts, don't read on, just leave this site now, I only want those who are 100% committed on improving their guitar speed.

Guitar Mastery Method ;)

This is the the exact techniques used (and recorded) by all the great shredders over the years, from Eddie Van Halen to Dimebag Darrell, from Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen to Zakk Wylde and Randy Rhoads. This is how they built their skills.

And Now It Is Available To You!


Fast Guitar



I use to be just like every other Guitar player, then someone let me in on a secret...

That was that I was actually practicing guitar the wrong way, and I had no idea!

This 'secret' was the exact method of practicing to gain incredible speed and agility, I rushed home, grabbed my guitar, and started playing. After the first practice session I looked at my hands flowing across the fretboard like I had never been able to do before...

"I was almost scared!"

I had never seen results like this before, and even better, I didn't know of any other guitarist that had this information! As if it was a secret scroll I kept it hidden. Then one day I decided to let one of my friends in on the secret.
After trying it out they said...

"You have to put this into a book, Guitarists NEED this!!"


"You Will Increase Speed And Strength In Your Picking Arm So Much, You Will Play Solo's That Send Shivers Down Peoples Spines!"


So what exactly will you get out of Guitar Burning Speed?...

  • Have your hands effortlessly float across the fretboard and dazzle people with your ability to drop notes effortlessly. Shred like you can only dream of right now.

  • Both of your hands will be synchronized and working with each other in perfect harmony. Feel the power of pulling off the most technical guitar solos and have people in awe.

  • Reach huge fret distances and play licks that you could never have played before and add another dimension to your guitar playing. Stand out, head and shoulders above the rest.

"Make Your Guitar Playing Unforgettable,
Imagine... Leaving People Breathless!"


  • Find out how to learn any song fast and save time so you have more time to actually play and enjoy your new fast guitar skills. Learn twice as much in half to time to build an epic line up of songs you can pull out at any time.

  • Learn how to quickly warm up to play guitar better, faster and easier. Let your mind flow straight onto the fretboard without resistance and rapidly increase the benefits you get from practice. Simply get better faster.

  • Learn the tricks to improve your guitar tone so you can sound better without any effort at all. You never have to settle for terrible tone again, instead, make every note sound amazing.


"The Heart Of Guitar Burning Speed Is A Fast Paced 20 Minute Workout. You Won't Be Wasting Time So You Will Advance Fast And Not Have To Spend Hours Doing It...

...You Will Have Instant Results"


  • Eliminate all wasted motions and increase speed by moving less. Put less effort into playing guitar so you can put more focus into the things that matter and shape your skills to reach your peak performance.

  • Learn how to build impeccable timing and have the one thing that 95% of good guitar players are missing and stand out by simply being better than the rest.

  • Impress even the most talented guitarists and get everything you could possibly want to get out of a guitar. Open new opportunities, because every one wants to listen to a great guitar player.



"I love how much practice time i saved with this course, not just in minutes but in hours, days even weeks of practice time it could have taken me to get my speed up to what it is now!!

When I first purchased the course I was an average guitar player who couldn't break past the 120bpm mark, after following the course for 2 weeks I was shredding at 180+bpm!!

Now I've taken a liking to thrash metal I plan on using the course again to breakthrough the 220bpm speed level I need to be at!

This guitar course is the best investment I've made to date!"

 Kevin, United Kingdom


Guitar Speed



No Other Course Guarantees Results Like
Guitar Burning Speed


  • Have Bands Ask You To Play For Them!
  • Amaze People At Your Effortless Shredding Ability
  • Develop The Skills Needed For Top Level Band Playing
  • Stop Being The 'Average' Guitar Player


  • Learn the correct Sweep Picking technique used by the masters. Pull off crazy sweeps, show off your skills and have people begging for more!

  • Execute extreme tapping pieces like a pro and be the guitar player you want to be.

  • Use the secrets of economy picking to develop insane guitar chops and add yet another pro guitar technique to your arsenal. Have total guitar domination!

  • You'll learn how to hold a pick for maximum speed. Change one tiny detail and watch a massive effect on your playing, this will make guitar playing all round easier.

  • Even if you are a new guitarists just starting out, or an experienced player wanting more speed. Guitar Burning Speed is for you.


"This Is The Fastest Way To Improve Your
Shred Guitar Skills...

...and also your all around playing ability. No need to waste time and money on other products, you will be short tracked on your way to guitar domination. You will be the one people look to when someone asks...
"Does anyone play guitar?"



Here's What You Will Find...
Shred Guitar  The 3-Step-System the PRO's use to learn any song fast!
Fast Guitar  How the PRO's quickly warm up for any performance
Guitar Speed  How to improve your guitar tone
Shred Guitar  How to build strength and speed in your picking wrist
Fast Guitar  How to build strength and speed in your fretting hand
Guitar Speed  How to build agility in both hands
Shred Guitar  How to increase your flexibility
Fast Guitar  How to build dexterity in both hands
Guitar Speed  How to eliminate all wasted motions
Play Guitar Fast  How to play 'Phrased' Pieces
How to Shred  How to build impeccable timing
Speed Guitar  How to play alternate picking at burning speeds
Fast Guitar  How to play sweep picking at burning speeds
Shred Guitar  And a whole lot more...


"You'll Have Fun Practicing And Have Tons Of Motivation After You See
The Fast Results. You Will Be Practicing The Right Things To
Advance Your Ability, Fast!"


You will take your guitar playing to the next level. Never look back as you increase your abilities in all areas of your playing, and become a better musician which will give you the freedom and ability to play any song, any solo, anything you have always wanted to be able to play!

This will open more opportunities to play guitar as well. Be asked to play in bands, play on stages and show your talent to the world. Imagine, hundreds of people screaming at you to play guitar.

Lets Face It, If You Don't Take The Opportunity Now, Someone Else Will!


Imagine Being A Rock Star...

Imagine Being In A Massive Band...

Imagine Making Huge Amounts Of Cash From Your Guitar...

Imagine Thousands Of Fans Screaming For You...

This Can All Happen... Take Action NOW!


"In Just 2 Weeks Spending Only 20 Minutes A Day, I Will Rapidly Increase Your Guitar Speed And
Give You The Ability To Run Rings
Around Every Other
Guitar Player!"


Who is Charlie Wallace?
Charlie is a respected Musician, Guitarist, Author, Performer and Guitar Teacher, he plays Lead Guitar for Hard Rock/Metal Band
Horusset Guitar Solo 1

Horusset guitar Solo 2

Click On The Play Button To Hear Charlie Play

Charlie Wallace


You Receive Complete Audio Tracks Of Every Single Exercise, Full Color Photos And Easy To Understand Diagrams To Help You Along Guitar Burning Speed!


Speed Guitar Secrets


In less than 2 weeks, you could have increased your Guitar Speed by up to 400%

People will be wondering how you did it, and only you and I will ever have to know


Risk Free 8 Week Trial

If you are not completely satisfied with the results you get from my program I will refund 100% of your money. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

This means if at any point within 8 weeks after your purchase you feel as you have not developed the skills I said you would, I will refund your small investment.

That's how much I believe this program will work for you!

Guitar Picking



If you order in the next 10 minutes, you will get...

Over $170.00 Worth Of Extra Bonuses FREE!!!

Guitar Theory Image

Learn Every Note On The Fretboard In 15 Minutes - $24.99 Value - The easiest way to learn every note on the fretboard, this amazing new system is so simple anybody can learn it!

Guitar Scales

The Guitar Scale Tool - $19.99 Value - Calculate and visualize scales on an easy to view fretboard. Find any scale you will ever want to know! (Windows Only)

Guitar Chords

Easy Chord Guitar Chord Dictionary - $19.99 Value - EasyChord is a guitar chord dictionary with over 1360 chords included. Find any chord you want!(Windows Only)

Guitar Tab

How To Read TAB - $9.99 Value - Simple eBook on how to read Guitar Tablature and play any song you want!

Guitar Lesson

Metronome - $9.99 Value - This tool is priceless to a guitarist, this cool little tool sits on your computer and is ready 24/7! (Windows and Mac Versions)

Guitar Techniques

Guitar Tuner - $14.99 Value - This tuner not only tunes you guitar right on your desktop, but it also contains a metronome and a whole lot of drum loops.
(Windows Only)

Guitar Speed

101 Midi Drum Tracks - $19.99 Value - Perfect for jamming to, these Midi Drum tracks are great for improvising and writing your own stuff.

Guitar Picking

Full email Support - $49.99 Value - If you are ever stuck, and have a question about the course or Guitar playing in general, you can contact me personally and I will reply within 24-48 hours.

You will be able to download all of these instantly!



Order With Confidence Through The ClickBank SECURE SERVER

Speed Guitar ClickBank (Click Sales Incorporated) is committed to maintaining high security standards to protect the data of all parties who interact with our information systems. You can trust ClickBank and order with confidence. Click HERE to view the ClickBank Security Policy.


"Do You Want To Be An Average Guitar Player For The Rest Of Your Life?

Or Finally Improve Your Guitar Speed To A Mind Numbing Experience And
Blow Every Other Guitarist Out Of The Water?

The Choice Is Yours..."


Yes Charlie! I Want INSTANT Lifetime Access
To Guitar Burning Speed For The One
Time Fee Of Only $19.99

I understand that I'll be able to download Guitar Burning Speed to my own computer within minutes after I order, and be able to use it right away.

Shred Guitar Yes, I want to increase my Guitar speed by up to 400% in 2 weeks

Shred GuitarYes, I want to play insane guitar solos and not have to slave for hours trying to do it

Shred GuitarYes, I want to learn the secrets of Speed Guitar Playing and run rings around every other guitar player

And I want to do it all risk-free with your personal 8-week 100% money back promise, for a one-time payment of only $19.99. I understand that I'll get instant access as soon as I submit the 100% secure order form below...

Guitar Burning Speed

   Shred Guitar

Add to Cart

Guitar Speed

Order Today for this Amazing Opportunity!

Guitar Burning Speed is available via instant download, even if it's 2.00 AM you will get instant access to the download area.

What are you waiting for? Are you going to change your life forever and become the best guitar player you can be? Or are you going to struggle and give up because of the frustration of not getting anywhere?

Here's to your guitar playing,

 Fast Guitar

Charlie Wallace



How to Shred Guitar

 Shred Guitar

Will Guitar Burning Speed work on my computer?

Yes, I developed Guitar Burning Speed to be able to work on both Windows and Mac running systems so you can be happy knowing that you will be able to download Guitar Burning Speed within a few minutes and get started straight away!


STILL have questions?

E-mail me at my personal email address and I'll answer any questions you have.
I want YOU to be 100% SURE that Guitar Burning Speed

Click Here


P.S. Your life, your career and your Guitar Playing ability is in your hands, here is your chance to change your life forever. At the end of it all do you really want to look back and
think that you passed up this opportunity?


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